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Here’s a variation of the Up, Up and Away that
will help your players become effective blockers
and keep your opponents kill shots from ever
crossing the net.

Begin the drill as before but have your players
stand perpendicular to the mats from a still
starting position.  Have them do 5-8 at each level
from the right and then repeat each level from the
left.  Remind them to use their arms.  When they
land on top of the level their arms should be
fully extended and their thumbs together ready for
the block.

In the next stage you help players develop in
their parallel movement to the net.  Set up your
height levels like a hurdle race and instead of
sprinting between each level they shuffle.  When
they approach the height level they go up for the

Be watching for two foot take offs, extended arms
and thumbs together.  Have them shuffle from both
the right and the left.  Repeat as often as needed
until you’re ready to move to the final stage.

As in Up, Up and Away set your height levels
facing the net.  Have three players at the net.
Have your players shuffle parallel to the net and
as they reach the height level they perform a

You can use a whistle to signal the direction you
want them to go.  One blow to the right and two
blows to the left.  Keep them guessing as to
which direction they have to go.  A few push-ups
or sit-ups after a miss will help maintain a players
attention span.

Make sure their arms are up and thumbs together
when they land up top.  Start with height level
one and as your players improve increase the
height level.

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